Most people who invest their time, talent and treasure into starting a company do not want it to fail. Over the years, you’ve poured resources into your organization and made countless sacrifices for it. Without a comprehensive business continuity strategy, a crisis can bring down what you’ve worked so hard to create.

One of the outcomes of business continuity is to prepare organizations with longevity, to withstand both internal and external threats. What we know to be true at Asfalis, is preparing for risks leads to better outcomes than trying to fight a fire as it’s happening.

In today’s business climate, there are threats that simply were not present in decades past. Executives going to jail for abuse and misconduct, employees who are so unhappy that they are taking their gripes to both news media and social media, and cyber criminals who are putting customers information in jeopardy. All of these issues, as well as the more common problems of low employee morale and high turnover, can threaten the ability of your company to continue operating.

When you partner with Asfalis, we help you to create systems to manage threats to your specific company. These systems create true resilience for your business and your workforce, with continuity strategies that address both the big and the seemingly small things. We collaborate with you on strategies to address the loss of your people, technology, assets and suppliers to help you sustain your organizations mission. In other words: 

  • How do you operate without 50% of your essential people?
  • How long can you operate without access to your data or technology? 
  • How do you operate without your assets (i.e. building, equipment, etc.)?
  • How do you operate with the loss of a critical supplier?

Preparing for the unexpected is about valuing the business you created. This is where the Asfalis Advisors comes in. With our expert guidance, you will have peace of mind in knowing that your company has the resilience to withstand any storm.

The business continuity aspect of your strategy kicks in after a crisis has happened. This is where the rubber meets the road. If your company does not have its people, technology, data, products, or physical building…how will you continue to operate for a day? For a week? One month out? We will help you pinpoint the things you need in order to keep going with your business by asking questions like: 

  • What’s the impact if you don’t have those crucial things? 
  • What supports them? 
  • What are your critical processes?

Every question and every strategy is focused around your ability to recover and endure—to create a new normal in which your company can thrive. To learn more about business continuity for your organization, schedule time to discuss your goals with Asfalis today.