What’s in the Middle of Crisis and Culture?

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What are all of the reasons why your workforce would not come to work? Depending on your organization and location, it could be:  Snow storms  High traffic volumes, construction on the roadways or train extensions  A measles or Ebola outbreak  The list can go on and on. However, it’s important to understand the dynamic company

Beyond Readiness: An Interview With Business Resilience Expert Vanessa Vaughn

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Written by James Donnelly (J.D.), Director of Issues and Crisis Management • Thought Leadership   Organizations that reach a state of true business and brand resiliency are the ones that are pushing the best-practice boundaries. But what separates business resiliency from crisis readiness? How should organizations apply this concept? To probe these areas, J.D. recently

An Interview with Vanessa Vaughn in Shenzhen China

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Ironically, nine years ago the passion for Asfalis was derived out of my personal crisis. A tornado with wind speeds exceeding 130 miles per hour totaled my vehicle while I was inside of it. That passion became the fuel that led me out of my comfort zone in corporate America, into the ambiguity of entrepreneurship, and across the

Leadership: Adventure, Passion, Growth

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What is leadership? What does leadership mean to you? How does your leadership style influence others? If your products are "what you do" and your business is "where you work" then it's time for a leadership overhaul. When employees come to work to make a product, meaning they arrive on time, punch the clock,