What is leadership?
What does leadership mean to you?
How does your leadership style influence others?

If your products are “what you do” and your business is “where you work” then it’s time for a leadership overhaul. When employees come to work to make a product, meaning they arrive on time, punch the clock, follow the SOPs and leave at the end of the day, you’re a manager, not a leader. When you run a business between 8a & 5p, meaning you focus on reports, quotas and sales numbers, you’re a manager not a leader.

Managers get things done. Leaders create experiences.
Good leaders create impactful experiences for others.
Great leaders create impactful experiences for themselves.
Sounds counterintuitive? Let me explain.

Adventure. Passion. Growth.

When a leader views life, including work, as an adventure, a spirit of exploration, discovery, challenge and commitment ensues. Who wouldn’t want to go on an adventure with their leader? When a leader has clarity about her passion, a sense of vigor and excitement surrounds her. Who wouldn’t want to be led by a passionate leader? And when a leader is committed to growth, an expectation of improvement, evolution, and curiosity emanates. Who wouldn’t feel inspired watching their leader grow?

Managers focus on the “things” that are needed to run their business.
Good leaders create experiences for their employees.
Great leaders create experiences for themselves.
It’s through adventure, passion and growth that leaders influence others.
Seek adventure. Find your passion. Experience growth.


About Jill:
Jill Johns is a recovering corporate executive; a serial entrepreneur; a business advisor; a life coach; and a women’s advocate who designs custom retreats blending unique experiences, magnificent venues and top-notch coaching. Having led off-sites, workshops and retreats for more than 15 years in Corporate America, Jill leverages her knowledge to create one-of-a-kind events combining Adventure, Passion & Growth. Individuals, teams and businesses undergo unparalleled and sustainable performance enhancements when collaborating with Jill. Learn more about her at www.jill-johns.com.