Crisis Corner Cafe – Disrupting Human Trafficking

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How often is your company attributing to the illegal goods and services running through the global supply chain?  Imagine turning on the news and your company’s trucks and containers are filled with human beings who are being sold, which is essentially modern-day slavery. Imagine your company is in the headlines for fostering an environment of

Business Resilience: A South African Entrepreneurs Perspective

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Why did you become an entrepreneur? Two pretty simple reasons really. First, I have always wanted to own the relationship with my clients first hand and to know that the brand I was building was based on a collaborative partnership. Secondly, because I have a constant desire to learn and grow and be challenged.

Vanessa Vaughn: My Experience as a Young Leader in Resilience

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Vanessa S. Vaughn is the founder of Asfalis, a boutique-consulting firm focused on Crisis Management & Business Continuity. Prior to owning her own firm, she gained her experience through two major corporations, government agencies and a university. Her expertise encompasses business resilience, which includes crisis management and business continuity. She holds a Master’s in