Asfalis will map out your road to resilience.

Because once you know your risks, you can solve them. Utilize the 5 Step Crisis Strategy guide to navigate any business, through any crisis, in any industry.



When you don’t know what to do, we help you make sense of it. Crisis situations come in all shapes and sizes. Some crises are short-term and only last a few days while others are long-term and last a few weeks, months and sometimes years. Crisis leaders need immediate access to intelligence, time management skills to navigate fast-paced environments, and an extra pair of eyes to help you see what you are missing to minimize your exposure.

Our approach is to listen, ask the right questions to challenge your thinking, and provide you with data to help drive decisions.

Asfalis Advisors are here anytime you need us to provide advice.


You may have recently completed an emergency training drill, an audit of your emergency protocols, or gone through a crisis your organization was unprepared for. Now that you have identified opportunities that need to be addressed in your crisis management program, what do you do next?

If you are in a lean organization and face challenges acquiring the subject matter expertise you need to execute the heavy lift, Asfalis is here. Asfalis consultants have the training and experience to come in and immediately make a positive impact so you can ramp up and bring measurable value to your organization.

Asfalis will help you execute your crisis plan.


Crises are happening more frequently and are more volatile than ever before. Leaders need to focus on making the right decisions in crisis, while focusing on the short and long-term needs of the business. Asfalis offers one-on-one and group coaching to help keep you aware, accountable, and actionable to better manage crises.

Being a part of our crisis coaching community gives you exclusive access to intelligence and insight from industry experts so you can continually improve your organization.

Asfalis will keep you aware and accountable no matter what is thrown at you.


You may have written your crisis management playbook or business continuity plan. Now what? How do you prepare people to actually fulfill their roles and responsibilities in crisis?

At Asfalis, we believe words are words on paper. Words do not move, people do. Asfalis equips every level of leadership within your organization to know what to do in a crisis, how to do it, and why its important.

Asfalis provides leaders with the knowledge, skills, and behavior to lead effectively before, during and after crisis.

our commitment to you

Safe. Secure. Sure.

A wise man once told me “you are not a real CEO until your business goes through a crisis.” Crisis situations show you who you are and how you lead your people when it matters most. I’ve experienced crisis both personally and professionally and know exactly what it is like to be caught off guard, unsure of what to do, and more importantly how to bounce back.
You can trust at Asfalis you are working with experts and thought leaders who have 1st hand experience managing disruptions and the leadership to help you weather the storm. At Asfalis we are passionate and driven to ensure every business has a roadmap to resilience and the opportunity to be safe, secure and sure. We look forward to serving you.

Are you ready to take the first step to securing your business?