Four Vectors of Risk: The Threat Landscape in the Post-Pandemic World

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Originally published on the International Association of Emergency Managers November 2021 bulletin. Written by Vanessa Mathews, CEO of Asfalis Advisors. The post-pandemic world presents four main types of risk to businesses eager to capitalize on pent-up consumer demand, but determined to protect their stakeholders and ensure their businesses remain resilient. In this article, I'm going to lay out

Crisis Corner Cafe – The Gun Business. Who Is Paying for It?

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In the United States there is a lot of controversy over gun laws from officer involved shootings, active shooters, or the gun violence that has plagued many communities.  Whether you are for or against guns, your alignment in either direction is a risk for your organization and your reputation. What many people don’t realize, is

Rescue Your Company

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The headlines are hard to miss. Just last week the nation was stunned by a workplace shooting in Illinois where a disgruntled former employee stormed in to the Aurora warehouse where he’d just been fired and killed five people. That’s why Asfalis and Punch Alert are teaming up next month to bring you a

How Are You Proactively Managing an Active Shooter Crisis?

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The Texas church shooting on Sunday November 5th lasted approximately seven minutes, the same amount of time it takes a first responder to arrive on the scene of an emergency. According to the Gun Violence Archive the United States had about 307 mass shootings since January 1, 2017, which is about 7 per week, to

Emergency Preparedness Video

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Thanks for tuning in! Check the links below for some of the information we shared in the video and subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Individual Assistance (IA) Program Public private partnership portal (hurricane situation reports, gas station updates, shelters, and economic impacts) Single Automated Business Exchange for Recovery  FEMA mobile

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