In the United States there is a lot of controversy over gun laws from officer involved shootings, active shooters, or the gun violence that has plagued many communities. 

Whether you are for or against guns, your alignment in either direction is a risk for your organization and your reputation. What many people don’t realize, is even if you don’t physically possess a gun, there is a good chance that you probably still own a gun. If you have a pension, 401 (k) or an investment in index funds you more than likely own the shares of gun manufacturers (Thomas, Landon, and Stephen Grocer. “You Might Be Giving Gun Companies Money, Even If You Don’t Own a Gun.” The New York Times, The New York Times, 26 Feb. 2018, 

Companies have already felt the pressure of being affiliated with guns or gun manufacturers, to include protests, scrutinization on social media, increased taxes, revenue hits, and a decrease in sales. Whether your organization is a non-profit, private or public sector entity, there is a ripple effect on how quickly the credibility of your brand can be tarnished. 

Every leader within your organization should be actively engaged in identifying and managing risks, to ensure you are not blindsided. 

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