Episode 73: Crisis Management with an Equity Lens

Vanessa is on her own and speaking truth to power in this episode on crisis management and the ongoing racial-justice crisis. Directing her remarks toward people responsible for diversity and inclusion at their organizations, as well as forward-thinking business continuity and risk management professionals, she lays out some of the key issues lying at the intersection of race and the business resilience profession. Her main points include the following:

  • Many organizations talk a good game about diversity and inclusion but don’t back it up with a written strategy or clear KPIs.
  • Many organizations say they want to diversify at senior levels, but their efforts to connect with minority professionals are half-hearted and misguided.
  • Even well-meaning organizations’ efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion are often hampered by weak execution, lack of budget, and the failure to hold anyone accountable when DEI goals go unmet.

She also harks back to her days working as a business continuity professional in the aerospace industry and explains why you can’t find salmon in the pork section of the grocery store—and what this means for organizations’ efforts to be more diverse and inclusive.


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