Rescue Your Company

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The headlines are hard to miss. Just last week the nation was stunned by a workplace shooting in Illinois where a disgruntled former employee stormed in to the Aurora warehouse where he’d just been fired and killed five people. That’s why Asfalis and Punch Alert are teaming up next month to bring you a

The Age of Resilience is Here

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Two Crisis Experts Share Tips to Prompt More Active Crisis/Risk Readiness Many organizations take careful steps to prepare for, and deal with, sudden crises. They devote significant resources to attaining, and maintaining, regulatory and industry-specific compliance. They build risk management systems with protocol checklists and current contacts and backups.  Some even conduct recurrent trainings to build

National Entrepreneur Summit Comes to Charlotte

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Black Enterprise executives, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, and government officials, including Mayor Vi Lyles, assembled at the Park Expo and Conference Center, to announce the plans for the 23rd annual Entrepreneurs Summit June 6-9, 2018 at the Charlotte Convention Center. “We have grown to appreciate the Queen City as one of the nation’s fastest-growing cities with a positive business climate

How Are You Proactively Managing an Active Shooter Crisis?

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The Texas church shooting on Sunday November 5th lasted approximately seven minutes, the same amount of time it takes a first responder to arrive on the scene of an emergency. According to the Gun Violence Archive the United States had about 307 mass shootings since January 1, 2017, which is about 7 per week, to

Asfalis is Selected for Shenzhen, China

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ASFALIS IS SELECTED FOR SHENZHEN, CHINA The U.S.-China Entrepreneur’s Forum sponsored by Arizona State University November 28, 2017 — Charlotte, NC – 50 Chinese entrepreneurs with 50 American entrepreneurs were selected to attend the U.S.-China Entrepreneur’s Forum for innovation and economic opportunities. The Forum will be held in Shenzhen, China from December 4th –

Managing the Active Shooter Crisis – For Immediate Release

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Managing the Active Shooter Crisis Customizing Tips and Tools for Churches, Businesses, and Hotels November 20, 2017 — Charlotte, NC – The Texas church shooting on Sunday November 5th lasted approximately seven minutes, the same amount of time it takes a first responder to arrive. Are you prepared to survive for seven minutes? Asfalis

Meet DC’s Real-Life ‘Olivia Pope’ – A Day In The Life of a Washington ‘Fixer’

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Original article appears on the website "Capitol Standard" November 30, 2015 by Obie Chambers  My name is Obie Chambers. I’m a partner at a Crisis Management firm called The Exigency Group. We’re a firm that specializes in consulting individuals who find themselves in what we consider, ‘unique’ circumstances. Exigent circumstances we like to call them, because they often contain drama, and they always need