The headlines are hard to miss. Just last week the nation was stunned by a workplace shooting in Illinois where a disgruntled former employee stormed in to the Aurora warehouse where he’d just been fired and killed five people.

That’s why Asfalis and Punch Alert are teaming up next month to bring you a can’t miss panel called Rescue Your Company From Unsafe Behaviors: Preventing Workplace Violence and Vulnerabilities through Leadership Training, Strategies and Effective Hiring Processes.

Vanessa Vaughn runs Asfalis, an agency that works with companies to come up with business continuity and crisis management programs. Before coming to corporate America, Vaughn did terrorism mitigation in the fields of Homeland Security and Emergency Management and transitioned to working with senior leadership teams in the business community, to implement strategies to reduce reputational, operational and financial risks globally. Vaughn says, “Identifying critical functions within key facilities and developing continuity plans to ensure the business can recover losses was really intriguing for me.”

And she says in today’s business environment it is crucial that leaders are ready for anything. “The super bowl teams practice 90% of the time and 10% is execution. We help our customers play to win for the super bowl. How much are your employee’s worth to you? What are you willing to do, to mitigate violence in the workplace from happening? What value do you place on your customers? We help by bringing experience and education to our attendees. Our seminars also create a community of people that are committed to results and outcomes.”

The same can be said for PunchAlert, an all in one safety communication solution for organizations. PunchAlert is an app that allows companies to manage incidents, send announcements, even crowd source for help in an emergency. PunchAlerts Ashley Davis explains,

“Picture an incident taking place on an organization’s campus. The leadership and their security team would want to know immediately so they could triage, manage, and resolve the incident in a timely manner. PunchAlert gives them the opportunity to do everything necessary – including involving local emergency responders and providing them with real-time information.”

That’s just one of the tools the Rescue Your Company panelists will talk about.

Davis says “Rescue Your Company is an opportunity to learn from industry experts who have been there, done that, and are still currently dealing with it. They are sharing their experiences both positive and negative so others do not have to recreate the wheel especially when it comes to preventing workplace violence and vulnerabilities through leadership training, strategies, and effective hiring practices. Knowing you have local resources to call on and network with is a bonus of attending this seminar.

Vaughn adds, “The panelists are going to bring knowledge from their experiences with minimal resources, low budgets and innovative ways that they have been able to deliver value in the hiring process. They will also share about challenges with safety and security in the wo