Imagine one of your top performing employees being involved with something during their personal time, and within 24 hours your company is making headline news.

The headlines come faster than we can keep up from the corner coffee shop to department stores, restaurants, and even in the world of entertainment, companies are spending more resources than ever responding to a crisis. Customer confidence is shaken, significant resources are spent, and brand credibility is deeply affected.

And while the headlines might bring attention to huge international corporations, the fact is all businesses or organizations have to modernize their perspective on risk and crisis management.

Increasingly, people create crises, yet very few organizations are proactively coordinating strategies to address brand and reputational impacts that stem from key employees.

Asfalis Advisors, invites you to expand the perception of crisis management in your organization, by booking Vanessa Vaughn, Founder and Chief Resilience Officer of Asfalis Advisors at your organization.