The video series are very informal, and a lot of joking is probably going to happen so be prepared to laugh!
Justin Witz: We’ve run out of time for this segment, so real quick let’s just do some thank you’s for people we can think about. Definitely ASU.
Vanessa Vaughn: Oh my God, Dr. Brashears.
Justin: Kenny Fung.
Vanessa: Yes, he did our travel arrangements.
Justin: Hailey.
Vanessa: Yes Hailey.
Justin: Andy.
Amanda Zullo and Vanessa: Andy at the State Department.
Justin: City of Charlotte.
Vanessa: Yes. The Ambassadors we met.
Justin: The Mayor of Shenzhen. Tencent for hosting an event.
Vanessa: The Public Affairs department that’s in Beijing. Who else?
Justin: Well my wife for letting me come.

Vanessa: Shoutout to the Mrs.

Justin: To the Mrs.


Vanessa: Who else?

Justin: Dan Roseli for sending it to us. I say Queen City Forward, Queen City Fintech.

Vanessa: City Startup Labs. Henry Rock. Rod Garvin. I would also even say the boards that I sit on in Charlotte that helped to prepare me from a leadership perspective.

Justin: Shenzhen in general for hosting us.

Amanda: Yes.

Justin: The Marco Polo hotel which is amazing.

Vanessa: Mike Basch for the trip to Hong Kong. And, all of the people at home who liked every post, who liked every video, and checked on us.

Justin: Those on LinkedIn who were curious about the situation and event.

Amanda: Heidi’s presentation was phenomenal.

Justin: She’s out of Phoenix Arizona and she put Phoenix on the map with her company. Heidi was probably the one we took the most notes from.

Amanda: I would definitely say a huge thank you to the keynote speakers for just sharing all their lessons learned

Justin: Oh yea.

Vanessa: Nathan, Co-founder of AirBNB.

Amanda: Yea.

Vanessa: Bay McLaughlin. He was awesome, and he’s from Virginia Beach.


Justin: Perfect, thank you so much for tuning in.

Vanessa: Yes, #TeamCharlotte reporting live.


Justin: Bye. Did we just do the peace sign?


Vanessa: Because that’s what we do in China.

Justin: Oh yes, wonderful guy.

Vanessa: First name basis.