Managing the Active Shooter Crisis
Customizing Tips and Tools for Churches, Businesses, and Hotels

November 20, 2017 — Charlotte, NC – The Texas church shooting on Sunday November 5th lasted approximately seven minutes, the same amount of time it takes a first responder to arrive. Are you prepared to survive for seven minutes? Asfalis is bringing the community direct experience from a former law enforcement officer and a business continuity expert, to help participants prevent and respond to an active shooter threat, no matter where you are. The breakfast seminar is hosted by NewDominion Bank and will be held on Tuesday January 30, 2018 from 7:30 am – 9:30 am at 1111 Metropolitan Ave # 500, Charlotte, NC 28204.

 “The question isn’t if, it’s when, and do you have a plan instead of a wish?” said Garry McFadden, Corporate Security and Expert Witness Advisor for Asfalis Consulting. According to the Gun Violence Archive the United States had about 307 mass shootings since January 1, 2017, which is about 7 per week, to date. In America, people have a greater chance of dying in mass shootings if they’re at school or a place of business, as 40% of active shooter incidents occur in places of commerce, according to the FBI.

Our goal is to engage participants before arrival to customize the seminar for your needs. Check out our video for more information and leave us two questions you would like for us to address below. The registration and parking information for the event can be found here.

About Asfalis
Over 50% of businesses do not conduct annual crisis trainings to confidently manage an emergency or crisis. However, crises are happening more frequently and leave a greater impact on organizations and communities. Asfalis brings Energy, Engagement, and Experience to crisis management, business continuity, and security. With over 25 years of public and private experience, our diversified team has allowed us to minimize risks for organizations in excess of $50B and over 200,000 employees globally.