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Asfalis Advisors Launches New Business Resilience IQ Assessment Delivering Results On-Demand

New online assessment allows organizations to instantly discover their Business Resilience IQ by evaluating readiness across four different categories

June 07, 2019 – Charlotte, North Carolina – Vanessa Vaughn, Chief Resilience Officer of Asfalis Advisors, a Business Resilience Advisory firm specializing in Risk Management, Crisis Management & Business Continuity, launches its new Business Resilience IQ Assessment.

Vanessa Vaughn, who once found herself caught up in a tornado for which her hometown of Atlanta wasn’t prepared, is determined to prevent others and organizations alike, from experiencing the same life-threatening circumstances as she once did. Armed with this pensive motivation, Vaughn, immediately went to work in government and corporate organizations, and eventually opened-up her own Business Resilience Advisory firm. Today, Asfalis is excited to introduce a new Business Resilience IQ Assessment designed to help organizations discover their areas of strengths vs. potential threats. 

Asfalis Advisors’, new online assessment, takes 2-3 minutes to complete and produces organizations with an instant strengths-based result by discovering how users manage risks across the following four areas:

  • Managing Unforeseen Events
  • Crisis Communication
  • Staff Generational Gaps
  • Vendor Supply Chain

The Business Resilience IQ score immediately provides detailed results along with basic suggestions, industry tips and includes an option to speak with an expert member of the Asfalis Advisors team.

“The ability to discover & provide this type of information to organizations on demand, early & often, will be a real game-changer for the Business Resilience & Crisis Management Community,” said Dawn Nicole, former IT Regulatory Compliance Leader at TIAA, Formerly (TIAA-Cref), a Fortune 100 financial services organization.

By all accounts, adding an innovative and exploratory tool to the Asfalis portfolio of services, supports its goals of keeping organizations more Safe, Secure & Sure!

“We are beyond thrilled to offer an informative new tool that helps leaders start the conversation sooner and narrow-in on their organizational priorities,” said Vaughn.

If you want to discover your organization’s Business Resilience IQ Scores, Try It Now for Free by going to to get your instant results now!


Asfalis Advisors is a Business Resilience Advisory Firm focused on one thing: making your company resilient, no matter what’s thrown at it. We do that by helping you prevent and/or mitigate crises, either natural or man-made, that may affect your company. In identifying risks unique to your business, developing crisis management and business continuity strategies, and training your leadership teams and employees, Asfalis puts control back in your hands.

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