Amongst the Crisis … There is Hope


  The Coronavirus pandemic has created two crises globally. People are managing a global health crisis that is taking the life of thousands. There is also an economic crisis that has disrupted our school systems and an effort to better protect the health and safety of the human population. Amongst all of the change, fear,


Risk Management: Get Real, Get Right, Get Results

Central Piedmont Community College Small Business Center 1112 Charlottetowne Avenue, Charlotte, NC

When big events or natural disasters come to town, it's important to have a plan in place to deal with the risks that could affect your business. Learn where to look for risks and how to create and implement a risk management program to make informed decisions for your small business. Join, Vanessa Vaughn Mathews in

Crisis Leadership – The Employers Association

Virtual Meeting

Fire, flood, economic downturns, pandemics, angry customers or misconduct from an employee can happen at any time.  Would your business be prepared if faced with any of these disruptions? Do you have the operational mitigation systems in place to whether disruptions? How do others perceive you as a leader in crisis? Listen to Vanessa Mathews,


SMB Workshop: Crisis to Continuity

Virtual Zoom Meeting

Please join us for a pilot Solve(able) Workshop facilitated by Faster Glass.  In this virtual workshop we will learn from Solution Partners how to move from Crisis to Continuity in areas of crisis management, crisis communication, and leadership.  This pilot workshop is intended to help small to mid-size businesses in the CLT region connect, learn,

Cracking the Code of Crisis Management

Central Piedmont Community College Small Business Center 1112 Charlottetowne Avenue, Charlotte, NC

It's not if it's when. As a business owner, you want to avoid crisis but despite your best efforts they are bound to occur. Don't wait until a crisis strikes. Prepare now to reduce the impact on your business. In this seminar, you will define what a crisis is for your company, the key players

Crushing COVID-19: Making the New Normal Work for You

Virtual Zoom Meeting

The past few weeks of new normal has been challenging for everyone.  Join the CLT Alliance Young Professionals for our virtual session, featuring a panel of experts who will share tips on how to adjust and thrive in our current environment.  You will learn about tailoring your routine, managing stress and keeping a positive outlook,

Business Preparedness: Expect the Unexpected

Central Piedmont Community College Small Business Center 1112 Charlottetowne Avenue, Charlotte, NC

Every business needs a plan B. Fire, floods, and hurricanes are generally associated with contingency planning. But what if a large event comes to town that shuts down roadways making it difficult or impossible for suppliers and employees to reach your business? What if your entire team comes down with the flu? Make no mistake

Diversity Equity and Inclusion Relations in Corporate America

Virtual Meeting

Join the International Organization of Black Security Executives (IOBSE) on  July 28, 2020 for a webinar discussion on Diversity and Inclusion in Corporate America. As America embarks into racial matters the conversations have their way to the workplace. How has the era of George Floyd impacted Diversity and Inclusion relations in the private sector? How

Entrepreneurs ROI Moves

Virtual Meeting

Join us for Career Mastered 6th year of celebrating the power of women.  The 2020 Business Diversity Summit is an event not just for women, but for everyone who wants to champion the advancement of women. Vanessa Mathews will be moderating a panel, Entrepreneur ROI Moves with women across the nation. Joining you on the panel