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Join Vanessa Vaughn Mathews at the Northeast Cannabis Business Conference in Boston, MA during a talk on the Beauty and The Beast of Resilience.

The cannabis industry has been a ride of highs and lows … extreme profits, raided fields, successful startups, jail time, quality control, social responsibility and twists and turns that change by the day. While the global legal marijuana market size is experiencing rapid growth of over 24%, many companies are still experiencing growing pains and stringent rules and regulations inhibiting growth. The emergence of a new market creates surprises that we’ve never seen or experienced before, which leaves business owners, regulators, policy makers, researchers, and consumers caught off guard. Although there are many upsides to cannabis, it is evident now more than ever, that every decision is a risk decision for those in the cannabis business. In this session, we will discuss how to proactively examine the high growth market of cannabis and building a sustainable operation where proper risk mitigation is in place to make more informed business decisions.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explore how resilience strengthens your people, processes, infrastructure and technology
2. Understand how to identify risks hidden in plain sight.
3. Identify the five things organizations do well and 5 things they ignore when implementing resilience strategies.
4. Examine the appropriate level of risk management oversight for your organization.