Leading through crisis can be a lonely road but It doesn’t have to be.

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Road to Resilience Training Program: A Path and a Plan to Navigate Crisis

We’re a year into a global pandemic and it’s no longer about reacting, it’s about planning for the next phase. As a business leader, what happens next is up to you. All leaders need to prepare for what happens next. If you aren’t prepared, you risk losing time, money and morale.

This executive training program will provide you the tools you need to build your crisis roadmap specifically how to adapt, lead with a human centered approach and learn through a crisis. Our exclusive program will help you create a plan for the potential bumps in the road ahead. You’ll have dedicated eLearning instruction time followed by coaching with field experts. For the duration of the course, you will also have an online community of leaders who are working towards the same goal.

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About the Program

Create Your Path Forward & Plan for the Future

The Road to Resilience Training is an exclusive opportunity for Charlotte business leaders to receive specialized training from innovation design and crisis management leadership experts. Through the training, leaders will develop tools to help navigate a path through and create a roadmap for business uncertainties. This training is specifically designed to help leaders learn how to survive and thrive in times of uncertainty while leading with a human centered approach. The Road to Resilience program will coach participants to change their mindset, build a new leadership toolset, apply their learnings, and track their success.

What you’ll learn:

> Techniques on how to lead during times of crisis
> Tools to help you build your business’ crisis toolkit
> Peace of mind knowing you have a path to navigate business disruptions

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Flexible by Design

Training For Busy Business Leaders

We know your time is precious and may be working overtime to keep our businesses running day to day — that’s why we designed the program for you, the busy business leader. The program modules can be accessed online, during a time that’s convenient for you.

What you can expect during the training:

> Flexible and innovative eLearning platform designed to fit your schedule and keep you engaged
> Access to the exclusive online community of fellow entrepreneurs
> A complimentary coaching session with crisis management and leadership experts

Are you ready to navigate the road ahead?

our commitment to you

Safe. Secure. Sure.

A wise man once told me “you are not a real CEO until your business goes through a crisis.” Crisis situations show you who you are and how you lead your people when it matters most. I’ve experienced crisis both personally and professionally and know exactly what it is like to be caught off guard, unsure of what to do, and more importantly how to bounce back.
You can trust at Asfalis you are working with experts and thought leaders who have 1st hand experience managing disruptions and the leadership to help you weather the storm. At Asfalis we are passionate and driven to ensure every business has a roadmap to resilience and the opportunity to be safe, secure and sure. We look forward to serving you.