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The German American Chamber of Commerce, sponsored by BridgehouseLaw presents A Trained Workforce is a Prepared Workforce with Vanessa Mathews of Asfalis Advisors.

2020 is evidence that every business is susceptible to disruption when you least expect it, whether it stems from product tampering, supply chain issues, diversity and inclusion blunders, biological threats, protests and civil unrest, or the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and the global economy. Regardless of what goes wrong, organizations need to respond quickly with decisions that value your people and demonstrate accountability.

Data shows over 50% of organizations do not have robust contingency plans in place and lack preparedness efforts to reduce operational and reputational threats. The cost of unpreparedness impacts businesses reputation for up to five years, significantly effects employee moral, increases potential for legal implications and reduces the leaderships teams ability to make data driven decisions.

The webinar will provide you with:

  • A crisis response checklist for employees
  • The three elements to measure preparedness for your business and suppliers
  • The six questions your employees need you to address before, during and after disruption
  • A simulation to respond to an unexpected crisis that could affect your operation and employees